A Proactive Approach to Sustainable Health

Tuina is incredible for helping you manage and sustain your overall health.  Through the building of energy in your body, the boosting of your immune system, and by addressing chronic conditions before they flare up and cause discomfort, Tuina is able to not only manage pain and stress, but ultimately relieve it.  Tuina treatments diminish the effects of stress, increase general mobility and strength, and enhance your physical health as well as your emotional health.

Patients have found that waiting until they experience serious discomfort often results in repeated “clusters” of treatments. Setting a recurring treatment schedule can help you maintain a steady state of comfort, without the acute events; and it can be achieved through a similar number of treatments per year.

In this light, Tuina keeps with ancient Chinese medical philosophy where a doctor was expected to provide preventative care to keep his patient’s healthy, not to just show up after the patient experienced severe discomfort.  Through proactive efforts toward prevention, Tuina embodies a wholistic approach to your health, and provides a sustainable, effective way to be the best you you can be.

Talk to a Tuina specialist to set up a Sustainable Health Treatment Program today. A personalized schedule will be set up to address your specific health goals with a course of treatments that suit your needs.

Want the benefits and experience of a Tuina Treatment, but don’t have time to leave the office during your busy days? No problem, we can come to you!