Balancing Treatments

Feeling like your life is out of balance? Tuina can help bring you back to feeling grounded and focused.

Do you feel lethargic and slow, or suffer from fatigue?  Or perhaps you feel like you can’t slow down, anxious and like the world is out to get you. No matter what emotional stress is weighing you down, Tuina can help.  Tuina is effective at healing emotional and spiritual pains just as it can help with physical pains.  If you find yourself having a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating or you feel like you are out of balance, these treatments can help you.

The Energizer

Recharge your batteries!

Do you have temporary fatigue from a recent event or unrelenting fatigue from an underlying disharmony?  The Energizer is 90 minutes of Tuina that will focus on opening your body, purging toxins, stimulating circulation and boosting energy.  This treatment will build energy in your vital organs to support and replenish your whole body. You will feel invigorated and ready for your day!   Symptoms relieved by The Energizer treatment include: ​ low body temperature, poor circulation, cold hands and feet, exhaustion, fatigue, extreme tiredness or lethargy, poor motivation, inability to concentrate, difficulty with memory, and diminished sex drive.

The Harmonizer

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, let us bring your body back into Harmony!

Feeling a little too tightly wound, nervous, anxious, or irritable?  Maybe you’re not sleeping well, unable to relax, overactive, distracted, or just can’t calm your mind.  Take a deep breath and come in for The Harmonizer treatment. The Harmonizer’s 90 minutes of Tuina will focus on moving energy out of the joint areas where it often gets stuck to re-establish a smooth flowing sense of calm. You will leave feeling harmonious, tranquil, and serene. ​ The Harmonizer treatment is particularly helpful for: ADD/ADHD, insomnia, elevated body temperature, anxiety and nervousness.