The Team

Learn to embrace your power and heal yourself! Tuina is as much a commitment to healing yourself as it is about the bodywork and techniques that your practitioner uses. Of course, your practitioner helps guide you through the process and the steps needed to get you on a path of self-healing.

Your Tuina practitioner begins the treatment by creating a connection with you and your energy. They listen to your what you say and how you say it, but they also attune to what you communicate through body language and expressions. In this way, your Tuina therapist gets to assess your unique situation on a much deeper level, as this is important to understanding the best course of treatment.

This in-depth relationship between you and your therapist an important aspect of Tuina. Getting to know your practitioner is as important in the Process. Learn more about our team by reading their bios below. Let this guide you as you choose which member of our team is right for you.